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Database Development
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Past Projects

Departmental Scheduling System

Client: A leading Northern California HMO

Developed a departmental scheduling system using a custom-designed GUI developed in Visual Basic 6.0, with a back end in MS-Access 2002. Previously a set of widely-varying Excel spreadsheets were used to plan physician schedules, and any changes required assistance from IT staff. The new integrated system allows all staff to make flexible alterations in real time and has the following features:

• Serves as a clinician and staffing scheduling tool by making the most current version of a department's schedule easily accessible to the department and staffing office;
• Provides color-coded alerts to ensure appropriate coverage by on-call doctors;
• Tracks changes made to schedules.

The system acts as a prospective patient access and budget management tool, and provides retrospective access and budget reporting. It also allows all staff to make alterations in real time and to predict budget constraint and accessibility constraint outcomes, while optimizing schedule planning.

Employee Tracking System

Client: A leading Northern California HMO

Developed a Microsoft Access employee tracking system for the Mental Health Department. The system tracks employee training, employee evaluations, and other personnel issues.

Nurse Midwife Analysis

Client: A leading Northern California HMO

Analyzed Access 97 nurse midwife data for the Labor and Delivery Department to produce reports on outcomes for nulliparous patients based on gestational age, optimal admission time for laboring patients, effect of epidural anesthesia on labor outcome and other statistics.

Breast Biopsy Database

Client: A leading Northern California HMO

Assisted in the development of an Access 97 database for the Diagnostic Imaging Department for tracking breast biopsies. Users automatically import patient demographic data and pathology results from the mainframe. Pertinent patient and lesion information captured in the database can be transferred automatically into the mainframe referral template and hen sent on to the surgery department.

X-ray File Room Application

Client: A leading Northern California HMO

Managed the development and implementation of an Access 97 / VBA application that improves X-ray file room efficiency by automating the ordering of X-ray jackets by specialty. The application interfaces to the HMO's mainframe system and is expected to significantly improve the level of patient care.

Vehicle Transport System

Client: M.A.C. Services

Designed and programmed a Vehicle Transporting, Routing and Mapping System for a 60-employee company specializing in the intrastate transfer of vehicles. The system was upgraded from a set of DOS-based Clipper applications to an SQL-based Visual Basic 5.0 application using Extended System's Advantage Database Server ODBC drivers. Programmed prototyping and conversion processes in Access 97 and VBA. The basic system functionality of order entry, invoicing, quotation, directions and mileage calculation was enhanced to include real-time routing, dispatching and mapping functions.

Product and Inventory Database

Client: Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream

Assisted the R&D Division in the development of a multi-user product development and inventory tracking database using Access 2.0 and Access Basic 2.0 under Windows 95.

Appropriation Request Database

Client: Wells Fargo Bank

Assisted the Corporate Properties Group in developing an Access 97 database to track appropriations requests. The system incorporates such features as an automatic interface to Microsoft Word forms and automatic e-mailing of appropriation status to managers via VBA DDE.