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Database Development
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Recent Projects

Time-Keeping Database

Client: The Public Interest Law Project

Developed a sophisticated multi-user database-driven time-keeping and reporting system custom-designed to the demanding workflow requirements of a specialized organization.

Web-based charting system

Client: Thunder Road

Developed an electronic Web-based electronic charting system for a non-profit organization committed to the treatment of adolescents in recovery. The system is built using VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server and Javascript.

Web-based Scheduling System upgrade

Client: Rising Sun Energy Center

Assisted a non-profit organization by upgrading and enhancing their Web-based scheduling system. The system is written in PHP and MySQL.

Implemented Credit Card Transactions

Client: Golden Gate Audubon Society

Implemented credit card transaction processing for the organizations's Web site, which is written in PHP and MySQL.

Dictation Management System

Client: A leading Northern California HMO

Developed a Dictation Management System for the Occupational Medicine Department. The system interfaces directly to the hospital's mainframe system and uses Access 97, VBA, Word 97 and Dragon Dictate. The system replaces a manual method, and has the potential to increase regulatory compliance and productivity by eliminating redundancy of data entry.

Disability Management Database

Client: A leading Northern California HMO

Developed a Microsoft Access/VBA disability management database system for the Workers Compensation Department of a leading northern California HMO. The system provides multiple reporting features for managing disability cases and decreasing their costs to the HMO. It also supports workers in recovering from occupational injuries quickly, and assists in ergonomic evaluations and improvements.

Echocardiogram Tracking System

Client: A leading Northern California HMO

Developed a Microsoft Access/VBA echocardiogram tracking system. The system replaces manual methods of tracking demographic and technical data. It greatly speeds up availability of data to other departments via automatic emails and automatic uploading to the mainframe system.

Deal Tracking System

Client: San Francisco Bay Area venture capital firm

Designed and developed a "Deal Tracking" system in Access 2002 that centralizes the firm's company and contact data -- previously stored in ACT! and Excel -- and streamlines its collection and manipulation. The system tracks financial results, funding and investors for 1500 firms, provides reporting by sector and industry and produces watchlist, taxonomy and current call reports.