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About Dan Stern Data Systems

Database Development

Dan Stern Data Systems develops database applications for non-profit, healthcare, finance, high tech, environmental and economic analysis firms in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Our desktop applications are built using Microsoft Access, Visual Basic and SQL Server. For Web applications we use PHP, Perl, MySQL, Microsoft ASP.NET and Java. We are also adept in many other technologies such as Filemaker Pro, FoxPro, C++ and Delphi.

Systems Integration

Many organizations want to combine, replace or interface systems with each other. Some outgrow their disparate collection of Word or Excel files and need to integrate them. Others simply need a database to improve their business processes.

If any of these are true for you, DSDS can help you eliminate data redundancy or inconsistencies, and speed up data entry, analysis, reporting and querying.

Our Team Approach

Our hard-working team is a flexible group of independent subcontractors, each of whom is successful in their field on their own, and is called upon for projects as they are needed. We strive to make information and technology accessible to non-technical people by using a synergistic and creative approach to improving your organization's effectiveness.